Flutter is a mobile application framework created by Google

It is cross-platform and allows you to compile the created project for 3 platforms: iOS, Android and Web.

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How it works:

Unlike many of today’s well-known mobile platforms, Flutter does not use JavaScript in any form. As a programming language for Flutter, they chose Dart, which is compiled into binary code, thereby achieving a speed of operations comparable to Objective-C, Swift (native languages of the IOS platform) Java, or Kotlin (native languages of the Android platform).

Is Flutter the right technology for me?

Perfect for MVP

If you have lack of time and you need to show the MVP to your investor – Flutter is a perfect solution.

Fast go-to-market solution

Flutter is the best solution for those who need to launch as soon as possible and be multiplatform.

Best Apps that use Flutter Technology

Despite the youth of the technology, it was widely used even before the release of the first version. The most downloaded applications using Flutter are: Alibaba, Birch Finance, Hookle Social App

Dream 11



Philips Hue






Alibaba Group



Flutter app advantages


The final Flutter application will be native code and will be always faster than Java Script. Its layered architecture and fast rendering allow building full customizable, native, pixel-perfect UI. Flutter apps work in a smooth and fast way, without hanging and while scrolling.

Fast Development & less testing

The applications have a single code base for iOS and Android.Developers can make changes in the code and see them straight away in the app. That means less time on developing and testing. There is no need for double work.

Less design effort

Flutter doesn’t depend on the platform, because it has its own widgets and designs. This means that you have the same app on two platforms, there is no need to create platform-specific designs. The application looks native on both platforms iOS and Android.

Want to use Flutter for your app?

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