Sophisticated Firmware Strategies, for Smarter IoT Devices

Any product within the IoT will have certain, varied firmware requirements. Those variances must be pinpointed, then drawn into a comprehensive approach.

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To Be Implemented Correctly, These Strategies Require Proficiency

Whether you’e after firmware experts to reinvent your firmware framework, or after an approach built from scratch, we’ve helped companies achieve both. Here’s how:



Our first step is to learn more about your IoT product. We’ll determine what is expected of the firmware, then apply it to the constrictions of your hardware parameters & business goals. The functions that firmware will control are then outlined, such as internal device logic & the API. We can then decide which firmware path to take, complete with how it’ll be delivered to your device (such as over the air or manually).

Firmware Platform Selection

Based upon our previous research, we can now comfortably outline the best platform selection, suited to your product’s hardware makeup. From platform solutions through to custom creations, a tailored, educated combination will result in a clear approach. This dictates how we will code, improve & support your firmware.

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Code & QA

While programming your firmware shell, we will work continuously alongside your hardware & electrical engineers, ensuring that any development is fully integrated with your product. All code will be manually written, quality-approved, then tested amongst internal teams. This results in complete firmware that’s designed exclusively for its purpose, free from bugs & UX issues.


Now that your product’s firmware is created, a continuous process of support can begin. Your device will constantly be receiving & interpreting market responses, so we can then improve your hardware strategy via continuous & divisive feedback – from new features & emerging requirements, to bug-fixes & optimizations.

Before we support your product, let’s chat and support your research